Blogging & SEO Writing Rates

I prefer to set my rates by the project, rather than by the hour. This allows me to tell you up front how much your project will cost, or at least give you a range (with a set maximum). However, there is some work I must do on an hourly basis because there is just know way to know how long it will take.

My Hourly Rate for Freelance Writing

For projects that require an hourly rate, or in cases where the client prefers this method of billing, I charge $85 per hour.

Placing guest posts is a good example of work that requires an hourly rate. I could get a “yes” from the first blog I pitch, or it could take five or six tries. While the cost of writing the posts can easily be set in advance, the time to get the post placed could range from 20 minutes to 2 hours or more. A lot of it depends on what your site is about. It’s much easier to place posts about education or business than dental implants or cosmetic surgery.

Blogging & SEO Writing Rates

Basic SEO writing is basically the same as writing a blog post, except with an emphasis on making sure the post is optimized for a certain keyword phrase. I include both types of posts here because they both have their place. If you are trying to get search engine traffic to attract new readers, you definitely want to target relevant keywords. If, on the other hand, you already have a solid subscriber base, you might want to focus more on giving your subscribers content that will benefit them.

Either way, a typical post takes one to two hours and costs $85 to $170.

Rates for In-Depth Articles

Articles that require in-depth research or interviews cost more because they take longer to write. For this type of project, I’ll need to discuss the requirements with you to get an idea of how much time will be involved. Then, I’ll provide a quote that includes a minimum and maximum price. The cost will not go over the maximum even if I underestimate the time required to complete the project.

Other Writing Rates

I specialize in website content, but have also written product descriptions and ghostwritten a couple of magazine articles (for Leader to Leader Journal and Leadership Excellence). I can also write press releases, sales letters, newsletter articles, and other marketing and promotional materials.

To find out whether I’m available and discuss your writing project, call me at (231) 282-7059 or e-mail

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