SEO Writing Services

SEO writing services range from basic article writing for websites, blogs, and article directories to copywriting, newsletter and e-book writing, and even press releases. Although you may not think of some of these services as SEO writing, they can be part of a comprehensive SEO strategy.

Here are some of the SEO writing services I offer:

Blogging Service

What is the difference between an article and a blog post? In some cases, nothing. However, most blog posts are shorter and more informal than regular articles. My blog posting service provides shorter articles that don’t require a lot of research. This is a good option if you want good content but can’t afford more in-depth articles.

Article Writing Service

These articles usually require in-depth research and/or interviews with experts. You’ll receive magazine-quality content to publish on your website. This increases your chances of having a post go viral while, at the same time, continuing to bring in search engine traffic through on-page SEO factors.

Product Descriptions and Reviews

If you have an e-commerce site, product description and reviews are extremely important. Original, keyword-targeted writing has a huge advantage in the search engines over using the boilerplate item description and features provided by the manufacturer. You are unlikely to get much traffic if you use the same product descriptions as everyone else.

Guest Posting Service

If you’d like to outsource the whole process, I can locate quality blogs to place your articles on, have the content written, submit the post, and make sure it is published with the links intact.

Newsletter Writing

Newsletters, when sent at the right frequency and filled with useful information, are a good way to keep in contact with your customers and keep them coming back to buy your products and services.

E-book Writing Service

Having an e-book can increase your site’s traffic and revenue. You can use it as an incentive to get people to sign up for your newsletter, you can sell it on Amazon in Kindle format, or you can sell it directly through your website. You can even publish it in print form! Writing an e-book can be time-consuming, though, which is why our e-book ghostwriting service is so great. We can take your idea and turn it into an e-book—or even a “real” book—that you can offer to your customers.

Press Releases

If your business is doing something newsworthy, a press release can get you a lot of attention. Press releases are intended to be used by print and online news outlets, so your story could be published in hundreds of different places, either as-is or with whatever spin the writer chooses to give it. Some of these articles will link back to your website, potentially giving you hundreds of links from a single article.

Other Writing Services

Is this all I can do? No, not at all, but these are the services most frequently required by online content providers and e-commerce sites. If you need something else, feel free to contact me by e-mail at or call me at (231) 282-7059 between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. Eastern time.

About Bethanny Parker

Bethanny Parker writes web content that is both search engine-friendly and people-friendly. She enjoys helping small business owners sell their products online using search engine optimization, content marketing, and social media services.
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  1. Mona Rex says:

    When writing an article to promote your site, you need to ensure that the content is entertaining to a reader. Keep your writing style similar to your niche. Even if you happen to be writing about a very technical topic, take the edge off of it by introducing the information in layman’s terms. Do not alienate your readers with boring content.

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